A House for Artists - Consulting

Working with Create London, I was brought on board to develop the governance structures for the House for Artists project. A House for Artists is an ambitious new replicable model for affordable, sustainable housing tied to long-term civic engagement in Barking Town Centre in East London. Supporting the artists in this purpose-built building, I have provided landscape research into like-minded cooperative models, delivered workshops on modes of exchange, and helped to establish the reference point and working model to drive the project and programming forward. Working collaboratively with the cohort, we are co-authoring a robust and sustainable governance structure that will exist in paralell to engaging the local community, as well as their own community of artists within the building. 

The first of its kind in the UK, A House for Artists, provides flexible living space for twelve artists and their families, with studio workspaces, a ground floor community space and a shared working yard that can be opened to the public.


Photo: Johan Dehlin