Corinne Mynatt is a writer, editor, consultant and producer, covering transdisciplinary practices across art, design, architecture, food, and technology. Her work ranges from developing strategies and concepts across creative sectors, research, editorial, production, curating design, art and architecture commissions, and event programmes. She draws from her practical and theoretical experience in these disciplines and an international network of designers, artists, architects and strategic thinkers across the UK, Europe, and USA.

She was co-curator of the Interspecies Future Symposium in Berlin in 2022; her research continues this exploration of the ontological and technological turn towards the nonhuman world, to be made manifest in a forthcoming publication.  Corinne was Film Producer for two experimental documentaries about the architects Geoffrey Bawa and Jørn Utzon respectively, now screening at film festivals worldwide. Her book Tools for Food: The objects that influence how and what we eat was published in 2021, and in Japanese and Italian in 2022. She is a contributing writer to various design and culture magazines.

Corinne studied Fine Art at Pratt Institute in New York and at Central St. Martin’s in London, and then completed a Masters in Contextual Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven. She is based in London, often working from Europe or the USA.

I: @corinne_mynatt & @tools_for_food