Interspecies Future

As strategic curator and producer for the Interspecies Future Symposium, I worked over the year to assemble the roster of attendees and form panel discussions. I co-curated and produced an 8 episode podcast series, commissioned the design identity, and managed texts and print material. The work continues in the capacity of strategic development, publication and podcast outputs, and working group research.

Interspecies Future is an initiative by Light Art Space (Berlin). The Interspecies Future Symposium set out to mark the beginning of a multi-decade civilisational journey in advancing the new rights and opportunities for nonhuman life on Earth, made possible by the emergence of planetary-scale computing. The invite-only symposium was held in Berlin on 9 & 10 July 2022, gathering minds from the fields of biology, life science, computer science, animal rights, policy, and creative practice to help define the Interspecies discipline and set pathways to bend the evolution of AI towards nature. The two-day event was co-hosted by Light Art Space (LAS) and The Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin.