'Lys Uden Sol'
Documentary Film, 2022
Directors: Clara Kraft Isono, Christopher Fischlein, Marie Ramsing
Producer: Corinne Mynatt

“Lys Uden Sol” (Light Without Sun) is a documentary about Can Lis, a house designed by the Danish architect Jørn Utzon on the island of Mallorca and considered among the most significant projects of the twentieth century. Set within one day, the film reflects the sensory nature of architecture, using interviews, narrative, and choreography to challenge how buildings are documented.

The Directors write: "Jørn Utzon’s oeuvre has often been described as timeless. This distinctive building affects our sense of time and space, and translating the emotions that one feels in Can Lis is not a straightforward exercise. In the spirit of the architect, who had the gift for seeing situations from an unconventional angle, the film shines a light on the house in an unusual way and challenges how we ‘look’ at architecture through cinema. The narrative develops as fictional content, juxtaposed with historical research to build a multidimensional understanding of the house and the architect. The interplay of narrative and image is meditation on the nature of human memory and place.”

Light Without Sun premiered at the Copenhagen Architecture Film Festival in October 2022.