Monocle Magazine
'Sharing Nicely', June 2019

For the June issue of Monocle magazine I interviewed Meredith Bowles of Mole Architects about their recent co-housing project, Marmalade Lane. The piece featured on the Architecture Briefing pages.

"Co-housing developments, encouraging home-buyers to band together and share resources, are catching on in Europe. Marmalade Lane in Cambridge is one of the latest such projects; it’s also one of the most handsome. It was designed by Mole Architects with TOWN and the 42 homes have a Scandinavian feel, influenced by research trips to Denmark and Sweden where co-housing is a more established concept. With high ceilings and large windows, each property was customised from three different brick types and multiple internal layout options. “This slightly haphazard nature is very pleasing, and the accidental surprises arising from this process animate the streets, expressing individuality within a cohesive whole,” says Meredith Bowles, principal at Mole. Houses are grouped around a central garden, which already had oak trees and will host resident allotments."