Tools for Food
Development for series streaming

We are in the process of expanding the content of my book for television and other media outlets. This journey uncovers cuisine and culture from around the world, meeting the amazing makers behind the weird and wonderful objects essential to local gastronomy. This immersive experience blends the joy of cooking with cultural exploration, showcasing intimate studio visits and cooking with local chefs to learn the intracacies of using these objects for traditional recipes unique to each locale. Recently I travelled to Japan to further this research, visiting workshops that craft kitchen curiousities essential to Japanese food. If you are interested to learn more, please drop me an email.

Tools for Food was translated into Japanese and Italian in 2022, and was nominated for a UK Guild of Food Writers Award in the same year. The Japanese research trip was supported by the Great British Sasakawa Foundation and the Daiwa Foundation to further its research and development in Japan. Follow @tools_for_food for continued research.