Facade Stylebook, exhibition catalogue

We Live in the Office: A commission by Giles Round
Royal Institute of British Architects, 2016

As part of Giles Round's exhibition 'We Live in the Office' a 'Façade Stylebook' was developed as an integral part of the exhibition. His installation transformed the gallery to a production studio where façades from this stylebook - compiled from RIBA’s Collections - were applied to architectural sculptures mimicking the structure of buildings.

The Façade Stylebook is a guide through architectural styles from early Renaissance in Italy to modernism in Chandigarh. It traces the evolution and development of these outer appearances, from trompe l'oeil to mock Tudor, demonstrating that what is seen on the façade does not always reflect the interior purposes in architecture and urbanism.

Compiled by Giles Round, Corinne Mynatt, Marie Bak Mortensen and Colin Sterling.

Graphic design: Giles Round